Squirrel’s last nut… airguns

It’s Grey Power vs the power of a BSA sub 12ft/lb airgun. Wave after wave of grey squirrels are coming through James Marchington’s garden. It’s

Squirrel Kickstarts Panda

HotAir is the airgun news service on YouTube. The headlines this week: ☆ Squirrels target pandas ☆ Scottish lawyers give Salmond a ‘skelpit lug’ over

The ABC of HFT

So what is Hunter Field Target? We join HFT shooter Roger Lait on a UKAHFT shoot in Sussex to explain the sport – and find

Airstreaming – USA vs UK

Airstreaming showcases the best airgun films on YouTube. This week, Ted’s Holdover is highlighting the difference between the US and the UK, SquirrelHunter is after

Rat shoot

We’re hunting rats on a farm in the West Country. We have a BSA R10 and night vision from Nitesite, and together we bring numbers

Rock Dove Hunt

Like feral doves in the UK, South African rock doves thrive on farms, spread disease and cause damage. So it is up to Richard Leonard

On Test: FX Crown

Roger Lait tries out the new FX Crown, the PCP launch that follows the FX Impact. ▶ For FX’s UK distributor, visit or go

On Test: Crosman air pistols

We ask a couple of kids to tear themselves away from Minecraft to take up shooting. They try out Crosman air pistols, including the PFM16

Target Sprint explained

We are off to Yate in Somerset to visit Sedgemoor Target Shooting Club. The reason? It is at the forefront of a new sport that

Airgun vs Rimfire

Airgun vs Rimfire

Tim Pilbeam is a powder hound. He likes guns that use cartridges with propellant. Chris Kemp works for airgun manufacturer Air Arms. So whose rifle

Sneaky rabbit hunt

Jamie Chandler has time for a crafty rabbit shoot without his wife finding out – and if he is quick. Ironically, he is on an

African farm pest control

Where pigeons are a pest and pheasants a gamebird in the UK, in South Africa, it is all about doves and guineafowl. Rich Leonard is

Dove hunting with airguns

Rich Leonard is after doves on a farm in Cape Privince, South Africa, armed with his Air Arms S510. This item is supported by Air

Airgun Multi Pest

Jamie Chandler is out after a Hampshire triple – a squirrel, a dove and a rabbit – with his BSA Ultra XL This item is

On Test: BSA Ultra XL

Jamie Chandler puts the new BSA Ultra XL through its paces by attempting a Hampshire triple: a squirrel, a pigeon and a rabbit. This item

Jamie Saves Horses From Rabbits

The squirrels are stealing Jamie Chandler’s nuts. There is only one thing for the Hampshire airgunner to do. It’s out with the airgun and at

Feeding in Squirrels to Airguns

Feeding in Squirrels to Airguns

The squirrels are stealing Jamie Chandler’s nuts. There is only one thing for the Hampshire airgunner to do. It’s out with the airgun and at

On Test: Crosman CO2 Air Pistols

Airgunner editor Phill Price tries out Crosman’s range of CO2 pistols. For more about Crosman, go to the UK distributor This film was first

HFTMasters 2016

We are at the Scottish leg of the HFTMasters 2016 season. Roger lait talks us through the action. This item is supported by BSA. For

How to Shoot 100 Rats

Here’s how to have a massive pest control outing. Cai Ap Bryn hefts his trusty Air Arms airgun and an array of night vision to

Airgun parallax set-up

Parallax – don’t be frightened of it! In the lates in his series ‘The ABC of HFT’, Roger Lait is showing how to set up

Airgunning Cornish Pigeons

Jamie Chandler is on holiday in Cornwall and decides to give up on the beach in favour of shooting. Pigeons are bothering a local farm,

Shooting Rabbits over Wheat

The airgunner with no hands Jamie Chandler was going to go shopping. But, on the way, he sees rabbits hitting the wheat fields. Out with

On Test: night vision with Wifi

Nitesite has brought out its R model, night vision with wifi and an onboard video recording unit. Our Man In Black Darren Rogers tries it

How to stalk through deer

Airgunner Jamie Chandler has to shoot the rabbits devaststing a wheat crop. To reach them, he has to carefully stalk past a herd of roe

ABC of HFT:  How to do a Stander

ABC of HFT: How to do a Stander

Roger Lait shows how he trains for those tricky standing shots. It’s all about steadiness and he has a technique that will give you pinpoint

On Test: Minox trailcams

On Test: Minox trailcams

Who has been nicking the chickens’ eggs? Charlie Jacoby uses the Minox trailcam series – DTC 400 Slim, DTC 650 and DTC 1000 with GPS

Roy Lupton’s Rat-ino Royale

Roy Lupton’s Rat-ino Royale

Armed with NiteSite and FX Royale, Roy Lupton is out after rats. It’s all about night-vision. This item appears in AirHeads, episode 52. To watch


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