Squirrel hunting with a catapult Cattyshack’s Wayne Martin is after squirrels with a catapult and his new favourite steel ammo. The greys are staying out of reach high in

Catapults – how to mooch

Top catapult shot Wayne Martin is on the look-out for squirrels to shoot, plus other benefits of stalking woodland – good quality Y-shaped forks he

Slingshots: know your rubber

Cattyshack man Wayne Martin explains the finer points of rubber – which to use in your catapult and how to use it – and why

Catapult sights and anchor points

Catty Shack man Wayne Martin shows how to improve your slingshot shooting accuracy, using reference points on your body, on your catapult – and even

Slingshot Hunting Squirrels

Wayne Martin is an expert shot with a slingshot. He goes out with Andy Crow for a mooch around the farm. Andy wants him to

Shooting Cabbage Whites

Charlie’s off with his dad to sort out the scourge of the cabbages with a shotgun. Yes – he is shooting butterflies Unlike most butterflies,

The Cattie Bugatti

Romany Custom Catapults makes the most beautiful catapults in the world. Charlie Jacoby visits the man behind it, Asa Wilson, and finds out how he

Catapult Kings

Catapult Kings

Meet the best of the best of the catapult world. It is the British Catapult Association championships and we are picking up toptips on how

UK Catapult Championships 2015

UK Catapult Championships 2015

Who is the best catapult shot in Britain? The best of the best get together to shoot it out. Stars including Gamekeeper John, Keith Dighton,

Catapult King

Catapult King

We visit Joerg Sprave, top slingshot designer, King of the Catapults and all-round brilliant Bavarian at his home in Germany. He shows off some of


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