Coarse fishing

Bream wars in the Norfolk Broads

  Ben O’Rourke “The whole project about Hoveton Great Broad is about restoring clear water, using things like biomanipulation,” says Duncan Holmes, who has lived

Carp and barbel with Jan Porter

We’re groundbaiting and stalking carp and barbel at Bishops Bowl Fishery in Warwickshire with Jan Porter, one of the top coarse anglers of today and

Underwater Filming of Big Carp

Underwater Filming of Big Carp

Dive beneath the water with Fishing Britain’s ROVTV and spy on some of the inhabitants that lurk in the depths. With some surprising finds, Richard

How to rig a weedless lure – Gear Guide

How to rig a weedless lure

Gary Palmer, captain of the England Lure Squad, shows how to rig up one of his favourite weedless lures, the Savage gear 3D Crayfish. In

NEW DCR – Daiwa Custom Revolution

NEW DCR – Daiwa Custom Revolution

The new DCR Daiwa Custom Revolution Website is now active. You choose how your new tackle will look. Select different components and different styles of

Surface fishing for Pike

Ant Glascoe and Aaron Jones find a carp lake where the predators are smashing the surface lures. 20 pike caught in one day, that’s Pike-ariffic,

Leaky carp lakes

At Higher farm fisheries, owner Robert Dimond has a problem pond and he is going to have to empty it to repair the leaks. Using

Cormorants and coarse fishing

The Kennet in the Thames valley is a beautiful place to fish whatever the time of year – especially when you’re allowed somewhere slightly off

Advanced Pike Attractants

Advanced Pike Attractants

Ant Glascoe Jr. Takes on winter piking with some not so common sense. Will pike be attracted to unusual smells? This item first appeared in


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