Dan Thor shoots the Browning B525 Exquisite

The Browning 525 has been around for years; it’s built a great reputation for having a solid, reliable action, and remains popular despite the introduction of more recent Browning models such as the 725 and Cynergy.

The proven 525 action remains unchanged, but Browning regularly update the offering with new stock configurations, different grades of wood and engraving.

Today Browning ambassador and prolific Instagrammer Dan Thor is trying out the new B525 Exquisite. Priced at €5,045 (around £4,200), it has a Grade 4 Turkish walnut stock and distinctive deep engraving.

Dan finds the gun gets admiring glances from fellow guns

Dan is on his friend’s beaters’ day, where’s he’ll be shooting driven pheasants and partridges. He’s immediately taken with the gun’s appearance, saying “I do like the engraving, with a kind of black background. I think it stands out really well and it’s getting some admiring looks from some of the other guns.”

On the second drive Dan has several good birds over him at peg 10 at the end of the line. He comments “That was an excellent drive, and the gun handled very well. After the first couple of birds I had five or six over and killed them all with one shot, nice and cleanly – so yes it’s not just a good looking gun, it handles really well too. I’m really happy with it.”

The Browning B525 Exquisite is priced at €5,045 in 12-bore, with barrel lengths of 28 or 30 ins. There’s a 20-bore model available too.

Find out more at Browning.eu.

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