If we let antis succeed in disrupting and shutting down shoots, they will keep coming back. They must face the consequences of their illegal behaviour. The authorities can’t and won’t do this without your help. Here’s how to provide that help.



From the moment antis appear, record them continuously on video from more than one camera.



Capture antis’ faces, vehicle number plates and other details that will aid identification.



Call the police immediately antis appear. Explain clearly that your group has firearms, and that the trespassers are acting aggressively, causing alarm and distress.


We also provide this is a card. Download these two – front and back – print them as a single card, and hand it out at your shoot






After an incident


The law is on your side

Everyone has a right to peaceful protest. Antis are entitled to stand around waving placards and calling shooters names. They do not have the right to trespass on private land, disrupt the legal activity of a shoot, or harass or intimidate participants. If antis do disrupt your shoot, they are probably breaking several laws and could potentially be prosecuted.

Understand the police position. Their job is not to provide a security service for your shoot. They may take some time to arrive, if at all. When they do, their priority will be to prevent the situation escalating and ensure no-one gets hurt. It’s up to you to collect the evidence so that antis can be prosecuted and hit where it hurts – in the pocket. You may be able to recover the cost of the day’s sport.


Be prepared

If you are a hunt, shoot or other club, you may consider appointing one of your members your ‘legal officer’, like a ‘health & safety’ officer.


What is DAVY?

We are a group of lawyers and other professionals who hunt, shoot and fish. We produced this card. We give our time to provide legal solutions that benefit all those who do the same. DAVY is not-for-profit.

Contact: davy@fieldsportschannel.tv




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