Deerhunter on Strange Ground

Here’s a test for his stalking skills: Tim’s out with a Scottish stalker who simply points him in the right direction and lets him get on with it. Robbie Rowantree (brother of deerstalker Niall Rowantree) looks after land in Sutherland. Tim’s there for an unguided doe cull in the Scottish hills.

Find out more:
▶ To go stalking with Robbie, visit
▶ Contact Tim Pilbeam at
▶ Tim uses a Steyr in .30-06. For more about Steyr’s rifles, go to
▶ Tim uses a V8 scope. For more on his binos, go to×42
▶ For Harkila clothing, visit

This item appears on YouTube in Fieldsports Britain, episode 430

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