Eyeskey Sky Trek HD 12×50 binoculars – first look

The big thing about these binoculars is they’re Chinese – which means they’re very cheap, says Charlie Jacoby. These are the Eyeskey Sky Trek 12x50s, which sell for a remarkable £136.95. “That’s less than a quarter the price of a good quality pair of second-hand Zeiss binoculars for instance.”

“There’s absolutely nothing wrong with them,” Charlie continues. “The magnification is absolutely solid, the focus ring is great, there’s a diopter adjustment, they’ve got a fabulous rubberised grip, and they’re waterproof.”

Charlie was impressed with the rubber armouring and focus adjustment, as well as the price

He adds that the optics coming out of China at the moment are surprisingly good quality. “We don’t yet know about durability, they’re so new. But they come with a guarantee when they’re sold in this country.”

Find out more or purchase at www.eyeskeyoptics.com/collections/skytrek-hd/products/skytrek-hd-50mm?ref=fstv

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