Fieldsports Britain – Calling in bucks like Lassie (episode 193)

Out hunting bucks? The roe deer rut has been kind to Roy Lupton and here he presents his definitive guide to calling in bucks at this time of year. You really can make them gallop towards you – and Roy puts himself in the thick of the action as he manages deer in southern England.

Then we have the legendary Crowman and his young Jedi, Micro-Crow, showing how to shoot pigeons over standing crops. Wherever there is somewhere for a pigeon to land, they are ravaging the crops. Andy Crow shows how to deal with a pigeon problem.

We are out sea fishing with Harry May from Lyme Regis, we have News Stump, there is ‘Hallo Charlie!’ and Hunting YouTube brings you the best hunting, shooting and fishing from around the world. It’s all in Fieldsports Britain.

Here is the link to the John Tobin roecalling film:

Here are the links from Hunting YouTube:
Chef Mike Robinson–QMUED1-o
Kevin Seigfreid
Wettie TV

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