Fieldsports Britain – Fox-calling masterpiece (episode 224)

Call foxes to your feet. Roy Lupton shows you how in this incredible piece of daylight fox calling. He is out in woodland in the south of England after foxes and fallow does. He shoots his doe and then switches to shotgun for his fox.

Meanwhile, Charlie Jacoby is at the IWA show in Germany looking at the very latest hunting and shooting kit, from .177 to .416. Here’s where the world of hunting and shooting is headed.

David is on the News Stump, Hunting YouTube is rocking all over the world, and Peter Carr Superstar contributes to this week’s ‘Hallo Charlie!’ …. thanks Pete!

Here are the links to Hunting YouTube:
The Wild Side
Fowled Reality
Wild French Hunter
Der eine Jäger
Falconry Edinburgh
BumblefootFilms q-vbZOpCC-w

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