Fieldsports Britain – Montería Action

Olé. Roy Lupton is off to Portugal to try a montería – one of the speciality driven hunts. He is putting Leica optics to the test, plus he visits Leica’s factory to see how this classy glass is manufactured. Meanwhile, Zeiss aficionado Paul Childerley has a Chinese water deer on the ground and he wants to prepare it for the taxidermist. So just how do you cape a deer? There is News, there is Hunting YouTube, and all of it together is #FieldsportsBritain. Olé.

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For more about Leica’s range of scopes and binos, search #leicahunting
For more of our films with Roy, go to

How to cape a deer

For Sako rifles, go to
For Shooterking clothing, go to
Paul’s website is
For more of our films with Paul, go to

News is sponsored by Baleno – here are the links:
Hunt Tumblers’ Club
Scottish shooting
Orkney stoat project
Feral cat death threats
Not very bulletproof glass
For a full news round-up, go to

Here are the films in Hunting YouTube:

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