Fieldsports Britain – Move over Wild Boar Fever

We’re a playlist! You can watch the whole show seamlessly by clicking on this link:

In a packed Fieldsports Britain this week, Max Hunt is learning how to shoot rifles faster than anyone on YouTube, Sporting Rifle’s Gary Green is shooting foxes from the luxury of a ‘fox box’, and lovely young model Andy Crow is draped over a car at the Jack Pyke clay shoot. Fieldsports Channel News has the story of the gun shop owner whose ashes were turned into clay pigeons and shot by his grieving family, Hunting YouTube features Gordon Ramsay’s love of grouse, and ‘Hallo Charlie’ this week comes from the UK and South Africa.

Apologies if you don’t like the change in the way we do things this week. We got tired of uploading everything twice. That link to watch the whole show (almost) like before

Here are the links to the items:

✩ Max Hunt speedshooting

✩ Andy Crow & Jack Pyke

✩ Gary Green’s fox box

✩ Fieldsports Channel News

✩ ‘Hallo Charlie!’

✩ Hunting YouTube

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