Fieldsports Britain – Roy’s Roe Reaction

Roy Lupton has roebuck hunting on his mind. With the roe rut around the corner, he takes his buttolo call out for a try and gets good reactions from the local roe deer population – and a shot. Meanwhile, Andy Crow is off to see his new Crow-branded Clear Pigeon cartridges come off the Gamebore production line; lots of Fieldsports Channel viewers attend the Blaser Sporting free rifle range day; and the NRA hosts the ‘Wimbledon of shooting’, its annual fullbore targetshooting championship, the Queen’s Prize. David on the News Stump and Hunting YouTube means it all adds up to a full week for #FieldsportsBritain in this, our 400th show.

Here are the links:

Roy on Roe

Calling and shooting bucks

For Roy’s Sauer 404, visit
For Leica sport optics go to

Crow’s New Cartridges

Crow’s New Cartridges

For more about the Clear Pigeon cartridges, visit

Blaser Sporting Day
For more on Blaser, Mauser, Sauer and Minox, go to
For Braces of Bristol, visit
Artemis Hunting
WMS Firearms Training

The Queen’s Prize

The Queen’s Prize 2017 – NRATV, episode 4

For the NRA, visit

News is sponsored by Percussion
Gordon Ramsay’s snake
North Assynt Estate
The Game Fair
Big ibex
WWF vs tiger poachers
For a full news round-up, go to

Here are the films in Hunting YouTube:

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