Fieldsports Britain – Giant rat hunting in Louisiana from an airboat + ShotShow kit

Latest kit from the biggest gun show on earth, fast-action ratting from an airboat, Cajun whitetail, muntjac stalking: Fieldsports Britain is reporting from America where everything is bigger and faster. But is it better? We are in the swamps of Louisiana after one of the world’s trickiest deer. We are shooting rats the size of cats – the pesky nutria. Our Shot Show report brings you up to date with the newest equipment in shooting sports. And we even have time to slip home to Bedfordshire, where we are trying out a Shot Show innovation while stalking muntjac. Pour yourself a whiskey, sit back for half an hour and, during the best bits, you may wish to murmur “yippee-cai-ay”. It’s all in this week’s #FieldsportsBritain

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Muntjac stalking


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