Fieldsports Britain – Shooting pigeons in Essex, and the fallow buck season starts

Mark Gilchrist is after a big bag of birds in Essex, Dom Holtam wants his first fallow buck of the season, we are filming Andy Crow with a new camera effect called Crow-Mo, and we are in Africa hunting blue wildebeest. Our mission this week is to do the farmers a favour. With the harvest underway up and down the UK, and the smell of newly cut stubble heavy in the air, now’s the time to bring a few bales of straw together and start controlling pigeons. Now’s the time you can at last see the deer that have been munching through those crops. It’s another packed half-hour programme, plus it includes News Stump, Calendar, Kit Special and Hunting YouTube #FieldsportsBritain

Here are the links:

Crow-Mo Pigeons

Blue Wildebeest 





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