Fieldsports Britain – Mark Gilchrist on camouflage + George Digweed on long shots

Are you mad about Mossy Oak? Do you rave about Realtree? Does Jack Pyke make you joyful? Well, this is the programme for you. It’s Camo Man, as you have never seen him before: manly Mark Gilchrist is trying new ways of blending in as he shoots pigeons. If you are a pigeon, be afraid. If you are an ex-girlfriend, be ashamed.
Meanwhile, George Digweed shows that you don’t need camouflage if you can shoot pigeons 100 yards away. That’s not all: Mike Powell is putting on a dress and Jonny Crockett is making tools. Yup, we’ve gone completely Delia. Even Andy Crow is in a high-visibility jacket.
Pour yourself a drink if you are going to watch this week’s Fieldsports Britain. You might need a little lie-down afterwards.


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