Fieldsports Britain : Rolls Royce rabbiting + black bear hunting

We’re in the USA this week. We’ve got a Rolls Royce converted for rabbiting in Texas, the last of the black bear hunts with hounds in California, and all the latest kit from the Shot Show in Las Vegas. Texas ranch owner Fausto Yturria could not bear to part with his late father-in-law’s Rolls Royce, so he converted it into the ultimate South Texas hunting vehicle, with no roof, a comfortable shooting position and cool boxes for drinks. We use it to go lamping rabbits, as well as to see some of the African big game he keeps on his farm. Meanwhile, the state of California has banned bear hunting with hounds. We were there with US TV star Jason Bruce to go on one of the last bear hunts, and to see how they work hounds in the Golden State. It’s the Shot Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. We talk to YouTube stars from FateOfDestinee, TheShootingShow and GunBlastDotCom about what they love about the show, plus we catch up with US hunting TV stars Jim Shockey, Ted Nugent and Melissa Bachman. We’ve got News Stump, we’ve got Hunting YouTube and you have got a great telly programme, so pour yourself a glass, sit back and watch it.

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Texan hunting vehicle

The Shot Show



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