Fieldsports Britain – Hare vs eagle + British wild boar + Welsh miners hunting

We are launching eagles on hares in Lincolnshire, George Digweed on wild boar in Sussex and we are out with the Banwen Miners foxhounds pack in the Valleys of South Wales. It’s a packed programme this week, with incredible footage of hares’ tactics when faced with Roy Lupton and friends’ flying eagles. Meanwhile, George Digweed has been after a wild boar for months, and finally has his chance. And who says foxhunting is snooty when men come up from the coal pits, shower, change into hunting pink and ride out with hounds? Nicky Sadler tells the story of a pack that celebrates its fiftieth season this year. Then there are our regulars: News Stump, Kit Special, Hunting YouTube and our gundog training series with Skinners Petfoods. It’s another packed programme.

Driven British Boar

Banwen Miners Hunt

Here are the links for Hunting YouTube:
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