Fieldsports Britain : How to shoot pigeons + muntjac stalking

Want to improve your bird hunting, deerstalking and dog work? Learn how shotgun cartridges kill pigeons this week, and how to improve your shooting. Andy Crow is pigeon shooting. His new series CrowHow kicks off with a graphic demonstration of how pellets work to bring down birds. Roy Lupton is trying to find a medal muntjac in Hertfordshire with William Alldis – is he helped or is he hindered when Mark Gilchrist comes along as well? And we have a raft of regulars this week: we are gundog training with Skinners Petfoods expert Howard Kirby, News Stump covers everything from European gun control to a new device for hunting feral pigs (the dehogiflier), Hunting YouTube is rocking all over the world as ever and ‘Hallo Charlie!’ brings in shout-outs from the Netherlands to Phoenix, Arizona. We are packing all this into a single half hour of fieldsports fun and hunting happiness.

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