Fieldsports Britain – Pigeons with airguns and rabbit hunting

It’s where to shoot a pigeon this week – and how hard to hit a rabbit. Roy Lupton is looking at what it takes to kill pigeons with an airgun – with the aid of tent pegs and his trusty Webley airgun, he is conducting a terminal ballistics test on where to shoot them. As for rabbits, we are back in the home of rabbit control, Australia, to look at the latest .22 rounds from Winchester – the new 42-grain subsonic (good for foxes, they say) and the .22 Powerpoint. That’s not all. We’ve got News Stump, Hunting YouTube and Hallo Charlie. We hope you will walk away from this programme knowing a lot more about shooting. In the meantime, pour yourself a glass, sit back and enjoy the greatest show in shooting. Plus! How to win a shooting truck!

Here are this week’s Hunting YouTube links:
Tok Poortvliet
Cillian Farrell

And you will find Schools Challenge TV this week at


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