Fieldsports Britain – Fox burglars

Two foxes have been breaking into the home of a Mystery Celebrity and he’s not happy. Find out more in this week’s Fieldsports Britain. That’s not all – Roy Lupton is out stalking roebuck and foxes, Mark Gilchrist is up early shooting crows to feed to his reluctant girlfriend (she’s asleep in his van). How are Jim Carrey, the Daytona Coke Zero 400 NASCAR race, a doe attacking a dog and a man catching a rainbow trout in his bare hands connected? They are all in this week’s News Stump. ‘Hallo Charlie!’ is shooting in South Africa and the UK. Hunting YouTube has coyotes, pheasants, fishing with spearguns and with mink, red stags, fallow bucks, rabbits and a crocodile’s big backside. All this in a single programme: Are You Not Entertained?

Here are the links for Hunting YouTube:
Varmint HunterHP
Joseph Carter
Dieter Danowski
Steve Maxwell
Mike Yardley

Here are the links to the kit used in Outfoxing:
Nightmaster 800-IR

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