Fieldsports Britain – What they do to foxes in Australia

You can earn AUS$10 per fox protecting sheep farms in Australia. The economics make sense. Each lamb the foxes kill costs the farmers more than AUS$100. Australia has a colossal pest and vermin control problem. We’re out in the state of Victoria with pro foxshooter Mark Reams, who helps run one of Australia’s big outdoor kit distributors Outdoor Sporting Agencies.

If you want to see the hunting/shooting kit that Mark and his mate Casey Poletti sell in Austraila, visit – for our whole programme devoted to Australia, visit

That’s not all. We are admiring the wide range of airgun pellets available to airgunners from pellet manufacturing giant RWS, and testing which has the best penetration – round head, pointed head or the new PowerBall. And we have our regulars: News Stump, Hunting YouTube ‘Hallo Charlie!’ and Skinner’s gundog training tips. It’s all in Fieldsports Britain.

Here are the links for Hunting YouTube:
Coypu Hunter
Travis Swartz
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