Fieldsports Britain – Bare-bottom boar hunting

We’re stalking wild boar without trousers! ‘But boar don’t wear trousers!’ you say. No – WE are the ones without trousers. Stalking in your socks gets you up close and personal to Europe’s dangerous game, and Sporting Shooter editor Dom Holtam is persuaded to drop his caks to go out with German hoghunter Max Goetfried. That’s not all. On the minus side, Crow has a rabbit problem on his farm in the South-East of England. On the plus side, he and Dom have Anschuetz .17HMRs, and they are not afraid to use them on rabbits and foxes. We have News Stump, Calendar, Hunting YouTube, and ‘Hallo Charlie!’. It’s another packed programme.

Here are the links:

Stalking in your socks


Hunting YouTube:
Ralf Bonnekessen
Hunters Video




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