Fieldsports Britain : Digweed on foxes

How can you resist? World champion clay shot George Digweed has a big night fox shooting. The pheasants are out of the pens and vulnerable to attack by these crafty predators. George is craftier – and he gets 10 foxes in his sights at ranges of up to 250 yards.

Meanwhile, it’s Roy Lupton’s last chance to bag a fallow buck before the rut comes and the animals start to get stinky. He is out in the South of England looking for a good pricket for the freezer – and he wants to see if the big old buck he let go last year is still in residence.

What a programme! We’ve got Hunting YouTube where they are shooting wild boar from helicopters in Texas, News Stump where they are hitting them over the head with kitchen sinks in Russia, and a more civilised ‘Hallo Charlie!’ with rabbits in Australia, crows in England and a sika stag in Ireland.

Here are the links for Hunting YouTube:
Darvil McBride
Dustin Ellermann


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