Fieldsports Britain – High speed birds

From driven pheasants to falconry, it’s high-speed action on this week’s Fieldsports Britain. Roy Lupton is out with his speedy young goshawk and his mate Phil is flying a Harris hawk at rabbits. Meanwhile Andy Crow is getting all bashful at a driven pheasant shoot in the South of England. He is there to model (Model? Ha!) some clothes for Jack Pyke. And we are out with the lady guns of the Shotgun & Chelsea Gun Club at the Ripley Castle Shoot in North Yorkshire. The castle looks spectacular, the birds are flying beautifully and there is nothing bashful about these shooters. Plus we have the full complement of News Stump (proper models with guns – women this time), Hunting YouTube (everything from marlin to quail), Calendar and ‘Hallo Charlie!’. It’s another packed programme.

Here are the links:

Lady guns

For Jack Pyke clothing, visit

For more on Hull Cartridge, visit

To go shooting at Ripley Castle, go to

For more about Victoria and her girls, go to

Here are the links for Hunting YouTube:
Tex Grebner Outdoors
Gunboy AirsoftandAirRifles
Carl and Alex Fishing
Fawaz Al-saqer


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