Fieldsports Britain – The pigeons are back

Two of Britain’s most sporting birds are in the frame this week. After months of waiting, Andy Crow has thousands of pigeons on his farm, and he has some of the best pigeon shooters in the South-East of England to go and shoot them. We are dove-hunting British style. Meanwhile, a team of guns in Inverness-shire are pitting their wits, their shooting and the benefits of Hull Cartridges against end-of-season grouse, some of the fastest flying, most difficult birds in the world. That’s not all: there is News Stump, Hunting YouTube, Skinner’s gundog training tips and ‘Hallo Charlie!’ – another programme full to bursting with meaty goodness.

If you want to go driven grouse shooting, email Lachie Smith

And if you want to find out about good grouse cartridges, visit

Here are the links for Hunting YouTube:
James Purdey
Kevin Olsson
Andrew Ucles
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