Fieldsports Britain – Driven game in Christmassy weather

Sporting Shooter magazine editor Dom Holtam is facing everything the ‘storm chamber’ at the Gore-Tex facility in Munich has to offer. He’s then off to field-trial some of the best hunting kit on offer. He’s on a driven hunt in Germany after boar, red deer and mouflon. Closer to home and we’re giving bankers some suggestions for blowing their bonus. A William Evans shotgun, for example. Pigeonwatch’s William Mulholland is test driving the side-by-side Pall Mall 12-bore on a driven pheasant day at his family’s estate in Northern Ireland.

Here are the links for Hunting YouTube:
Joseph Carter
Richard Millerin
Pecheur Info
Hunting Stories
Chasse Caza Hunting Channel
Gamekeeper John



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