Fieldsports Britain – Hunting, shooting, fishing awards

The motion picture world has The Oscars. We bring you The Charlies – our awards for our best films of the last year. Revisit great moments such as the deer head-shot, the bare-bottom boar, pellet power and performance, and Chris de Margary’s salmon.

That’s not all. We are enjoying a day’s driven game shooting at Glemham Hall with the good people of, the websites that brings together hunters and shooters across Europe. And we are trying out the new Browning 725 on Suffolk’s finest pheasants. We have regulars including News Stump, ‘Hallo Charlie!’ and Hunting YouTube – and we are revealing the new line-up for Fieldsports Channel in 2014. Pour yourself a glass, sit back and enjoy the show.

Here are the links for Hunting YouTube
Faraz Shibli
Cricket Australia
Mallard Duck Hunting in France Sabournac


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