Fieldsports Britain – Why shooting rare animals can make sense

In this week’s programme, we are mainly shooting antelopes and pythons.

Want to see Africa and Asia’s rarest antelope? You need to go to Texas. That’s where Americans with vision are quietly bringing on large herds of scimitar oryx, addax and dama gazelle. And they make it pay by letting people come and hunt them. We go stalking India and Pakistan’s nilgai antelope in Texas, we find out more about how hunting enthusiasts are saving the world’s wildlife, and how animal rights organisations such as PETA are trying to stop them.

Fieldsports Britain – dealing with the burning issues of the day – such as how do you shoot a giant python? We’re off to Cameroon to dig one out and we end up trying to knock it down at close range with a .375H&H. Is this the best way to catch a big snake? Find out here.

There’s ‘Hallo Charlie!’ with an unusual black fox shot in the UK.
There’s News Stump with rhino hunting, rhino poaching and introducing shooting to Australian schools.
There is Hunting YouTube featuring a squirrel shot with a catapult.
It’s unmissable (except for that Texas hog – how did he miss that? It was a sitter. Maybe it was the twig).

Here are the links for Hunting YouTube:
The Company of Biologists
Bill Hays

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