Fieldsports Britain – Crow shoots crows

With the shooting season over, the legend that is Andy ‘Crowman’ Crow is out after roe deer, pigeons, crows and other corvids. The numbers have built up feeding on his delicious cover crops, and he means to make a dent in the population, using all the tricks he knows. Let him help improve your corvid control techniques!

Meanwhile, Charlie visits the Birmingham Gun Quarter to look at one man’s mission to revitalise the place; we have Hunting YouTube; there is ‘Hallo Charlie!’; and News Stump provides its usual, well, unusual news stories.

How can it be anything but Fieldsports Britain on a Wednesday night? Pour yourself a glass, sit back and enjoy it.

Here are the links for Hunting YouTube
Ser Cout
Kristoffer Clausen
Hushin With LaVere
Bertrand de Courcy
Hunt Productions
Fawaz Al-saqer



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