Fieldsports Britain – Shooting Muddy Rats & Tree Rats

We’re hunting under the hen houses and shooting up in the branches this week, bringing you two vital culling operations with Roy Lupton. The chickens in a friend’s back garden are being plagued by rats. Roy brings along his airgun and a variety of coloured lights and night vision to sort them out. Find out what works best. This is also the best time of year to get on top of grey squirrels, before the songbirds start nesting. Roy’s out with his shotgun for a spot of drey-poking with Becky – and introducing Jordan The Ginger Giant.

There’s ‘Hallo Charlie!’ from as far away as Australia and the Aleutian Islands, there is news stump with Natural England’s plans to make us scare birds before we shoot them, and Hunting YouTube has the pick of the week’s boar and duck shooting films on YouTube – plus George Digweed shoots a hat (not a rat).

Here are the links for Hunting YouTube:
Chasse HD
Wild French Hunter
Chasse Passion
Nova Toma
George Digweed
Steven Rinella
Valentin Decroix



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