Fieldsports Britain – Pigeonshooting, and Crow’s a-go-go

Top tips for pigeonshooting from Andy Crow. Are pigeons hitting your spring drillings? Andy has the solution, with plenty of advice for anyone protecting crops this spring. From decoys to hide location, whirly battery care and what to wear, he is the complete bird hunter.

That’s not all. If you want to learn how to hide out in the undergrowth, our camo magician Dave Roaf shows how to create the ‘cloak invisible’ – a camouflaged gillie suit that uses local foliage to make you vanish.

News Stump this week covers everything from rats to elephants, Hunting YouTube flits from ptarmigan in Norway to dog work in New Zealand, and there’s a big ‘你好,查理’ from our fans in China in this week’s ‘Hallo Charlie!’.

Fieldsports Britain – it’s all you need to know about everything that matters.

Here are the links for Hunting YouTube:
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Jo Vaagan
Huntin Grounds
William Evans Ltd


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