Fieldsports Britain – World’s Best Shots

The best shots in the world are together for one of the biggest shooting competitions. The World English Sporting 2014 at West Wycombe Estate in Buckinghamshire sees hundreds of competitors shoot thousands of clays. We go behind the scenes to see how they run the event, and we talk to the men who really do shoot like gods.

That’s not all. The South Somerset Ferreters are back in action, this time hunting with a lamp not a polecat. They are out after rabbits with a cheap .22, and they are testing a new box of bullets: Winchester’s Varmint-X foxing cartridges.

There is Hunting YouTube, News Stump and ‘Hallo Charlie!’. Sit back, pour yourself a glass and enjoy Fieldsports Britain.

Here are the individual links:

▶ World English Sporting

Here are the links for Hunting YouTube:
Miami Herald
Max Hunt
Hunting Stories
Charles-Henri Dorris
TX Bucksnort
Fowled Reality


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