Fieldsports Britain – Rooks, Roe & Crow

Charlie’s on a roebuck, Tom’s on rooks and Crow’s on pigeons in this week’s show. Charlie and his dad are stalking a roebuck in Somerset. It helps that the animal practically runs him over. New Fieldsports Channel intern Tom turns out to be good at rook pie, both cooking it and shooting the birds to go into it. Meanwhile, Andy Crow in Kent has his best day on the pigeons in ages.

That’s not all. David on the News Stump is fretting about wild boar attacks, Hunting YouTube leads on a British kid who shoots flying clay pigeons with airguns – he has only been shooting for seven months – and we have a bumper crop of Hallo Charlies. After a warm summer evening doing whatever you do, isn’t Fieldsports Britain the perfect nightcap?

Here are the links for Hunting YouTube:
Sam Mullins:
Hunting Stories
Bunny Hunter
Winchester Repeating Arms

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