Fieldsports Britain – Swedish blonde flies eagles in Kyrgyzstan

Max Hunt is back and he’s brought a friend, Swedish professional hunter Ragnhild. They’re exploring the wilds of Kyrgyzstan in his pimped-up Land Rover. He’s there to meet up with one of the best eagle falconers in the country. Surrounded by mountains and ice they learn how the golden eagle is used for hunting to feed the family and for protecting the sheep.

We’re also looking at the health of the London Gun Trade as they show off their hardware at the Dorchester Hotel.

Then there’s a stalking stick test with the So Solid Crew – Tim Pilbeam and Matt Marples. They’re seeing just how accurate you can be with two, three and four legs.

There is Hunting YouTube, News Stump and ‘Hallo Charlie!’. Sit back, pour yourself a glass and enjoy Fieldsports Britain.

Here are the links:

Eagle hunting in the mountains

Hunting YouTube:
Chasse Caza Hunting Channel
Mikael Tham
Bertrand de Courcy
Niels Saathof



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