Fieldsports Britain – Crow Goes Soft

Deer dilemmas in Fieldsports Britain this week. Back to the deer problems. Crow doesn’t know whether to kill an orphaned fallow deer fawn or not. And he doesn’t know whether to start shooting other deer on his land or not. Interesting to hear your thoughts on what he does.

It’s another packed show. Max Hunt is in Spain hunting Gredos Ibex with a bow. Andy Crow tries out Roy Lupton’s technique of calling in foxes with expanded polystyrene. Hunting YouTube also has foxshooting and some wackier sports from around the globe. And the antis are bullying a big game hunter, according to David on the News Stump.

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▶ Calling foxes easily

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▶ ‘Hallo Charlie!’

▶ Bowhunting Gredas Ibex

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