Fieldsports Britain – Best of British Bucks

For the best hunting and shooting, Fieldsports Britain is back as a single big film AND as a playlist. This week we’ve got Dom Holtam cleaning up Andy Crow’s fallow bucks on the first day of the buck season in England. Roy Lupton is enjoying the roebuck rut, plus he’s keeping an eye out for foxes. Hunting YouTube finds more roe rut films and a way to run down a baboon. The News Stump has got foxes kept as pet – plus David is photobombed by a lumberjack. And ‘Hallo Charlie!’ has you lot mainly on the rabbits and pigeons. Pour yourself a glass, sit back and relax – and if you want a full explanation of why we are a single film again scroll down to the bottom of this description.

Want to watch the individual items?

▶ Big Fallow Bucks – 1st day of the Shooting Season

▶ Fieldsports Channel News – de-wilded foxes sell for £5K

▶ ‘Hallo Charlie!’ – rabbits and pigeons

▶ Roy’s Roe Rut

▶ Hunting YouTube- bucks and baboons

Here are the links for Hunting YouTube
Univers Chasse Peche
Chasse HD
Solvid FIY
Huntin Grounds
Kristoffer Clausen
Shooting Photography
Andrew Ucles



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