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We’ve got foxshooting with lasers, gunfitting with Holland & Holland and a history of grouseshooting in this week’s show: lots of techie tips and training tips to improve your shooting. Roy Lupton tries out laser sights on foxes, and has an argument with his foxshooting buddy about whether they work. Plenty of foxes around, too. Charlie Jacoby goes posh this week (when is he not?) visiting Holland & Holland Shooting Grounds and also telling the story of grouseshooting from the Edwardian glory days to the present day. There are the regulars: News Stump, Hunting YouTube and ‘Hallo Charlie!’. Pour yourself a glass, sit back and enjoy it.

Here are the links to the individual items:

▶ Zapping foxes with lasers


▶ 100 years of grouse in film

▶ Gunfitting by Holland & Holland

▶ Fieldsports Channel News

▶ ‘Hallo Charlie!’

▶ Here are the grouseshooting links:
All Ready For The “Glorious Twelfth” (1922)
First Grouse Of The Season (1922)
Opening Of The Grouse Shooting In Dumfriesshire (1937)
Lord Home Takes Japs Shooting (1963)
Grouse Shooting In Scotland (1970-1979)

Here are the Hunting YouTube links:
Hunters Video
Ultimate Fishing
Tok Poortvliet
Bill Hays


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