Fieldsports Britain – Flying Fallow Deer

Lots of deer hunting in this week’s show: Graham Downing and Roy Lupton are looking for muntjac in Suffolk, and putting up all kinds of animals. Richard Scrope is after medal roebuck on his prime roe deer ground in Hampshire. And Holland & Holland instructor Chris Bird teaches how to shoot prone. There is News Stump with Russian wild boar going a bit Baywatch, ‘Hallo Charlie!’, and Hunting YouTube is dominated by driven boar hunting. It is all in this week’s Fieldsports Britain.

Here are the links to the items in the show:

▶ How to Hunt Muntac

▶ News Stump

▶ ‘Hallo Charlie!’

▶ Hampshire Medal Roebucks

▶ How to Shoot Prone

▶ Hunting YouTube

Here are the links for Hunting YouTube:
Hunting Videos TV
Caccia HD HuntingHD
Keith Warren
José Gatica
Max Hunt



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