Fieldsports Britain – Bird Speed Merchants

How to train an eagle to go faster – and how to shoot fast-flying ducks. That’s what you will learn from this week’s Fieldsports Britain.

Roy Lupton is getting a martial eagle, a golden eagle and a ‘perlin’ ready for a British Falconers Club meet. He is training them to hit lures hard.

Sporting Shooter editor Dom Holtam and Andy Crow are on the mallard on a pond, and avoiding the mandarin ducks which are heading for pest proportions.

The News Stump features footballer Paul Gascoigne and Hunting YouTube is all about deer this week.

Here are the individual items:

▶ Martial eagle training

▶ News Stump

▶ Crow on duck

▶ Check your rifle barrel

▶ Club Digweed

▶ Hunting YouTube

Here are the links for Hunting YouTube:
Daniel M Hess
Aussie Bush Harvest
Chasse TV
Univers Chasse Peche
Ulrik Orskov



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