Fieldsports Britain – Pigeon Shoot

Andy Crow is trying out giant decoys on pigeons, They seem to work as the amazing close-ups of pigeons shot show. That’s not all. Roy Lupton is trying to cull deer between the dogwalkers and George Digweed is concerned about cheating in clayshooting. There is plenty of hunting to chew on in this week’s Fieldsports Britain – plus David has a possible big cat and Hunting YouTube is all about bucks and bulls.

Here are the links to the individual items:

▶ Crow’s big decoys

▶ News: big cat diary

▶ Digweed on cheats

▶ Roy: dogwalkers – grrr

▶ Hunting YouTube

Here are the links for Hunting YouTube:
Mitch Carter
CountrysideAandV’s channel



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