Fieldsports Britain – Hunting Count Buckula

See that tooth? That’s a deer’s tooth. We are out after Britain’s weirdest deer this week as the Variety Tour continues. Shooting writers and editors from all over Europe are packed on to Rihanna’s tour bus to test rifles, scopes and bullets in a variety of hunts across the south of England. This week, YouTube star and Norwegian hunting broadcaster Kristoffer Clausen is out after trophy fallow bucks, muntjac and Chinese water deer. See how he gets on. (PS Rihanna wasn’t on the bus – and after what we put it through, she won’t want to be)

That’s not all: Wellington Rabbit Control has a tricky hedge to ferret next to a main road, News leads on blowing up hogs in the USA, ‘Hallo Charlie!’ is back, and Hunting YouTube goes long on deer.

Here are the links to the items

▶ Gold Medal Bucks

▶ News Stump

▶ ‘Hallo Charlie!’

▶ The F-Team

▶ Hunting YouTube

Here are the links for Hunting YouTube:
Hunters Video
Sam Clatworthy
Andrew Ucles


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