Fieldsports Britain – Cover Crop Crow

Cover crops are not just good for pheasant shooting. At this time of year, Andy Crow uses them to help him shoot pigeons. We join him and cousin Gary as they show how to bring them in and knock them down. Plus it’s the gun show season in Europe. We are at the British Shooting Show in the UK and at Jagd & Hund in Germany to look at new gun launches from Blaser and Browning. There is News, there is ‘Hallo Charlie!’ and there is Hunting YouTube. Welcome to Fieldsports Britain!

Here are the links:

▶ Andy on the pigeons

▶ New Blaser and Browning

▶ Here are the YouTube links to Hunting YouTube:
ShotKam Gun Camera
Krieghoff Hunting and Sporting
Jim Benton
Peter Doonan
Young Hunters Organisation
Kansas Fisherman


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