Fieldsports Britain – Carrion Crow Shoot

Champion shooter Mark Winser teams up with farmer’s favourite Andy Crow to control corvids on a cattle farm. They take each end of the estate and have a superb day decoying them. Meanwhile, Roy Lupton is going arable to complete the roe doe cull on one of his estates. The lack of crops means the roe are concentrated in just a few areas, which makes the job easier. We have got news about the RSPCA, Hunting YouTube is off to snowy wastes and ‘Hallo Charlie!’ rounds up what you the viewers are up to. It’s the best shooting sports with Fieldsports Britain.

▶ Here are the YouTube links to the items:

Winser on corvids

Roy on roe

▶ Here are the #YouTube links to the Hunting YouTube films:
Zeiss Hunting
Ryan Darby
Bonviedro Outdoors
Pigeon Shakari
Ser Cout


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