Fieldsports Britain – Easter Bunny Shoot

A few weeks ago there were no rabbits. Now they are everywhere. Andy Crow is out to deal with them with rifle and night vision. Meanwhile, Michaela is in Sweden for day two of her moose hunt, and this time it’s all-action fast-paced stalking.

There is ‘Hallo Charlie!’, you can win tickets to a game fair in News and Hunting YouTube showcases the best hunting videos on YouTube this week. It’s all in Fieldsports Britain.

▶ Here are the links to the items on YouTube:

Andy’s rabbits

Michaela’s Moose

▶ Here are the #YouTube links to the Hunting YouTube films:
Le Jo Chasse
Hunter World
Cheyenne River Predator Hunters
Hogshot Hunting
Ovini Expeditions


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