Fieldsports Britain – The Fox in the Lambing Field

Roy Lupton sees eyes at night in a field full of sheep, but one of them is a fox. It’s a stealth shooting job to save the lambs. Meanwhile, Darren Rogers has his hands on new thermal imaging, and Michaelka is shooting black grouse in Sweden. There is News, there is Hunting YouTube and even ‘Hallo Charlie!’. It’s a packed programme in this week’s Fieldsports Britain.

▶ Here are the links to the items:
Roy’s foxes
Darren’s thermal
Michaela on ice

▶ Here are the #YouTube links to the Hunting YouTube films:
Hill Country Rifles
Josh James Kiwi Bushman
Wil Dasovich (Tsong and Tsonggo)
Docastaway – Desert Island Experience
Halali MagazinTV
Karoo Wingshooting – South Africa

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