Fieldsports Britain – Roy’s Foxing Rehab

Roy’s been under pressure recently. He has been breeding his goshawks and peregrines, he has a yearling buck living at home in Kent and another fawn in a cage in the kitchen. All the time, there are foxes circling, waiting for their chance to strike. Before he boils over, it’s time to take the rifle and the Dronepro night vision, and go and sort them out.

Meanwhile, Charlie is in Cumbria enjoying the sport of hound trailing, David is sitting on the News Stump, there is ‘Hallo Charlie!’ and Hunting YouTube includes bowhunting zebras. It’s another packed Fieldsports Britain.

▶ Here are the links to the items:


Hound trailing

▶ Here are the links to the Hunting YouTube films:
Ryan Dawson
Nebraska Game & Parks
Sin City Outdoors
Keith Warren
Randy Newberg


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