Fieldsports Britain – Training dogs on boar

Wild boar are tricky. You need a gun and you need a dog. The shooting side you can learn yourself. Here is how to train a dog to hunt a pig. Tim Pilbeam puts this into practice in the latest episode of Rucksack & Rifle. Meanwhile Matt from MPK Custom Calls has come up with what he reckons is the biggest duck call in the world. Find out what it sounds like, plus news, plus hunting YouTube in this week’s #FieldsportsBritain.
Here are the #YouTube links to the items:

▶ Wild boar

▶ Wildfowling

▶ Petition to keep grouse shooting is at
Gundog and Rescue Rehoming in Northern Ireland is fundraising via

▶ Here are the links to the films in Hunting YouTube:
Robin Foxer
Lisa Taylor
Keith Warren
Clay Tall Stories
Devon Stalking
Hunting CoC


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