Fieldsports Britain – pigeon decoying explained

Ever wondered how Crow shoots so many pigeons? It’s down to how he decoys and how he shoots. Today he is out with his mate Justin,. He shows how he set up a decoy pattern for two hides, plus what kit he uses. And, as always, there is lots and lots of pigeon shooting. That’s not all. News leads on the latest Chris Packham madness and hunting YouTube features rabbit hunting with spaniels. Meanwhile, Mark from MPK Custom Calls gives his wildfowling boat safety tips and Paul Childerley shows how to carry out a suspended gralloch. It is all in this week’s #FieldsportsBritain.

Here are the #YouTube links to the items:

▶ CrowHow

Decoying kit from UK Shoot Warehouse
Clothes and camo from Jack Pyke
Clear Pigeon cartridges Gamebore
Crow shoots a Beretta

▶ Wildfowling

For more about Langstone Wildfowlers visit
Clothes by Seeland
Cartridges by Eley Hawk
For calls, go to

▶ Suspended Gralloch

Paul uses a Sako rifle
Clothing by Shooterking
To go stalking with Paul, visit

Here are the links from News:
Contribute to the grouse debate in Parliament:
See what the Sottish Government thinks about hen harriers:
Submit evidence to the Scottish Government about ravens killing lambs:
Watch College Humor’s film about big game hunting:

Here are the links to the films in Hunting YouTube:
Nick Ridley
Glens Hunting & Shooting
Wild Jaeger
Louisiana Wetlands
CBC News
Courtland Hunt


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