Fieldsports Britain – Battle for the Rhinos

We are hunting and shooting rhinos from helicopters – not to kill them but to drug them, health-check them and tag them. It is one of the ways the South African Wildlife College – with the help of gun sight manufacturer Aimpoint – keeps the species going against attempts by poachers to kill them all. That’s not all. There is News Stump, our annual bloopers/outtakes reel with the mistakes and comedy moments from this year’s filming that we have not yet shown you, and we inaugurate the Hunting YouTube Awards 2016 showcasing, in the opinion of our judges, the top videos and channels of the year.

Here are the links from the items:

▶ Rhinos

For more about Aimpoint, go to
For the work of the Southern African Wildlife College, visit
Benjamin Osmers Fund (for children and families from disadvantaged backgrounds): ABSA Bank / Acc number: 1260570176 / Branch code: 623005 / SWIFT code: ABSAZAJJ

▶ Bloopers


▶ News is sponsored by Baleno – here are the links:
Boxing Day hunt meets:
Clays with arrows:

Here are the #YouTube links to the films in Hunting YouTube Awards 2016:
YouTube Channel Open Award: Clay Tallstories
YouTube Channel Government Award: Texas Parks & Wildlife
Best Corporate Film 2016: KrieghoffGuns ‘Canadian Double – Hunting Moose and Caribou’
Best Film 2016: Into The Wilderness ‘Ep 1- First Steps’


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