Fieldsports Britain – George Digweed goes foxing + Mike Yardley shoots pheasants

Sporting hero George Digweed returned from Italy a fortnight ago confirmed as probably the best British clay shot who has ever lived. He won his 17th world championships – the World Sporting. His first was in the 1980’s, so that means he has been a world champion across four decades. But clays are not all that he does in the world of shooting. Now that his pheasant poults have arrived, we join him on a night’s foxshooting in Sussex – and find he is a good rifle shot too. That’s not all. We’re on a shoot on the Staffordshire/Derbyshire border looking at why gamekeepers have to work so hard at this time of year. And we’re learning how to shoot classic English pheasants with top shooter Mike Yardley, who has just brought out a DVD with London gunmaker William Evans.

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Foxshooting with George Digweed

JCB Workmax


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